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SALES TIME!!! Jesus Diamante, Angelic Pretty, and other lolita and gyaru stuff
Hey lovelies,

My wardrobe is completely heaving and my purse is empty, therefore my lesser worn items need to go!! I've put prices by each item which are based on the original cost, but please feel free to make an offer (especially if you're in the UK haha). Also feel free to ask questions, but please be patient as I'm often out at work.

Anything you buy will be shipped the following weekend =) Shipped is included for the UK, please ask about international shipping.

Now for the precious items <3

Jesus Diamante Pink Princess Dress

Absolutely gorgeous halterneck dress which can be dressed up or down for formal or daytime occasions, looks stunning with a white lacy bolero and pearls, under a cute pink jacket or on it's own. Soooo pretty but a bit too sweet for me! Pretty small and doesn't really stretch, so about a 34" bust would be the absolute max. Reccommended for 30-32".

£65 - SOLD!!

DreamV Pink Himegyaru Jacket

A cute, fairly short lacy pink jacket with detachable pink bows. Not especially warm in my opinion but it's good for layering. Would probably fit an XS-S sized girl best, or maybe M size if worn open.

£25 - SOLD!!

Jesus Diamante White Rose Strappy Sandals

Super cute and comfy shoes, a little worn but still in very good condition. Sadly I realised I just don't like open-toed shoes! These are a Japanese size M, which is 23.5cm (UK Size 4).


Jesus Diamante White Rose Heels

Absolutely stunning Jesus Diamante shoes with white lace and white roses, sadly they're a Japanese size L (about UK 5-6) so they're just too big for me! These are like $200ish from the JD webshop so it's a good chance to take advantage of my mistake and get a bargain ;)


Jesus Diamante Leopard Print & Flowers Skirt

A cute skirt which is really easy to coordinate, you could wear this with a lot of different styles. It's too girly for me now though!

£40 - SOLD!!

Jesus Diamante Pink Ruffle Bow Top

This top is really pretty and super soft, it's pretty much a typical himegyaru top!

£40 - SOLD!!

Jesus Diamante Gold Parka with Bow Brooch

Sorry, I was too lazy to take a pic of this one so I used the stock photo off the JD website - I'm happy to provide a proof pic if anyone wants it though :) This is a shimmering gold zip-up hoodie with a detachable bow brooch and two front pockets. It's particularly good for finishing off spring and autumn coordinates.


Jesus Diamante Red Rose Top and Skirt

This top are skirt are really lovely and easy to accessorise, the skirt is long enough for office wear for still cute enough for garden parties and stuff. These are mega versatile items as they're so simple, but once again they are just too girly for me - seems like everything I'm buying now is black or grey or both!

£45 each or £70 for both items

Angelic Pretty Zip-Up Marine Parkas - BlackxWhite, and PinkxWhite

These are from an old AP Autumn collection, they both have two front pockets and apparently the pink one seems to be missing the detachable bow brooch with pearls. I don't wear lolita anymore so I want to find them a new home.

£40 each

Montreal Blue Lolita Shoes

These have only been worn out once, they're soooo comfy to wear and really finish off a blue coordinate nicely. I love these but have nothing to wear them with anymore, so I'm hoping they can find a nice lolita home. They're a Japanese size M (UK 4).


That's all for now, but I'll keep adding new items so keep an eye out =) Thanks for looking!

Love Floz xx

My blog!
Please check out my website at www.superfloz.com, it's my newwwww blog!! 'Tis dedicated to himegyaru fashion and other delightfulness =D xxxx

My blog
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The secret to stylish clothing on a budget
I've discovered it! Children's clothing! It fits in a cuter way, with less emphasis on bust, and they always have cuter colours. Plus it actually fits, instead of being a baggy mess!!
AND it's like half the price of adult clothing. Count me in!

I bought the CUTEST skirt from Peacocks earlier, it was like £6, a floaty tiered black starry skirt ^_^ I love it!

In other news, my wardrobe has gone from pretty cool to justifying-a-walk-in-wardrobe, and soon my gorgeous Fancy Melody parka will be arriving, I can't wait! Plus a bunch of other gorgeous items. Hehe I'm having to work overtime this weekend though, to help pay off my card. But that's ok, it's so worth it!

Anyway, I think I will probably start updating this properly soon, with pictures and everything. Yay!! <3 xx

Haha oh dear!
Last week was crazy, I ended up doing 3 shoots in one week. One for general portfolio stuff to use for magazines, one for a clothing company, and the last was an underwater shoot to experiment with new equipment.

Anyway, the clothing company (who shall remain unnamed) had a huge variety of stuff, I ended up wearing about 25 different outfits! No idea how many, I totally lost track but it was total madness. The clothes were your typical goth/punk stuff, I often see them in Attitude Clothing.

I Googled them when I got home to find out a bit more about them, and to my horror a couple of the badly made punk-ish dresses I modelled were labelled as 'Lolita' dresses! They were far from any type of lolita, even punk >_< I know it's nothing to do with me but it annoys me, because I know a lot of other models who do 'gothic lolita' shoots where they wear this kinda stuff, and it just makes photographers think that's what lolita is.

I don't get what the trend is with calling everything lolita, particularly in alt modelling. Oh and steampunk too, everyone suddenly thinks they're steampunk! Maybe I'm being too fussy... =s Either way, it irritates me when people don't do their research! Please try harder!

Floz xx

My other journal...
...I only really use this account for buying stuff from LJ, but you can find me in other places!

My blog: http://floziskira.wordpress.com
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My Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/floz

I will post here soon though! xx